Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Making SSL calls with Grails

All of a sudden I realised that I have to call a service I have behind a SSL connection.

Using grails, this is easy to set up. Just create a couple of Groovy-classes and use it from the controller. It may be nescessary though to add the certificat of the SSL site to your JVM.

Adding the certificate
  • download  the certificate you need, name it to something usefull, for example theSite.cer.
  • use keytool to add it. (needs JAVA_HOME/bin in the path)
keytool -import -keystore /pathToJava/jre/lib/security/cacerts -file theSite.cer 

Class to make the call
this is the class to actually do the work, calling the SSL url you want to reach.
Class for password authentication
this class is needed to authenticate you at the remote site.

In the controller you can then use the class to get a responsestring from the remote server.



  1. Or you could just use

    new XMLSlurper().parse("")

    or def text = new URL("").text

    My point is if you have a trusted certificate path https works just like http.

  2. Well, that is a much shorter way. Does it work on a site that requires username login?

  3. Thank you for the post, helps me out a lot. But I'd like to understand more regarding the options. Because I get a "https hostname wrong" error due to using self signed cert. Reading from here ( shows how to force the program to trust all certificate, but I can't relate anything from the code with the examples you have given. Any hints would be great. Thank you.

  4. My example does not come from that site (I do not remember where I got it actually). But a quick look at it, it seams to happen in a specific setting. That is the certificate seams to be registerd on "" but you are trying to call it with another URL och you get redirected somehow(someon can have had the cert issued on a local server lige but exposing an apache server to the world for calls on This means that your call and the trusted certificat does not have maching domains and the trust does not occur. I would not make a program to trust every cert available, that does not seam very secure for me. What if someone get a hold on your code and then calls your secured services? Then it is not very secure is it.