Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scala stock charts, part 1 - Thoughts about structure

Having read through almost halfway, and not even coming to the functional part, in the online book "Programming Scala" by Alex Payne (, I am starting to get some ideas of what I want to try out in my new Technical Analysis program for stocks.  For sure I would like to use SBT ( as a building tool and try to use "Specs" for tests (

To start with I want to build my program using either common classes or case classes, haven´t clearly figured that out, at least I want to use companion objects. Anyway, I want to get in touch with different features in Scala so there probably will be some file handling with regexp in Scalas pattern matching. At the same way as I want to get in touch with as many features as possible, I also want to keep it as simple as possible so there probably will be som rewrites during the course of my little project as I learn more. If possible I will use trait also, but probably after a rework. I will start more "java-like" with more OO-structure and then try to "functionalize" it.

I haven´t really figured out if I want o use JavaFX either. So I will try to build a library in Scala that ccan be used by client of choice, may be JavaFX but maybe also Flex or Swing. That I will figure out later.

More about this later....
and then probably with some code :)