Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scala stock charts, part 1 - Thoughts about structure

Having read through almost halfway, and not even coming to the functional part, in the online book "Programming Scala" by Alex Payne (, I am starting to get some ideas of what I want to try out in my new Technical Analysis program for stocks.  For sure I would like to use SBT ( as a building tool and try to use "Specs" for tests (

To start with I want to build my program using either common classes or case classes, haven´t clearly figured that out, at least I want to use companion objects. Anyway, I want to get in touch with different features in Scala so there probably will be some file handling with regexp in Scalas pattern matching. At the same way as I want to get in touch with as many features as possible, I also want to keep it as simple as possible so there probably will be som rewrites during the course of my little project as I learn more. If possible I will use trait also, but probably after a rework. I will start more "java-like" with more OO-structure and then try to "functionalize" it.

I haven´t really figured out if I want o use JavaFX either. So I will try to build a library in Scala that ccan be used by client of choice, may be JavaFX but maybe also Flex or Swing. That I will figure out later.

More about this later....
and then probably with some code :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time no see

It has been a while since last post. Sorry about that! It has been a period of organizational problems (not as fun as programming problems that needs to be solved) that could have been written about, but to sit in the middle of a stormy change takes the energy away.

Anyway, this is what I have been doing:
I started looking at Scala. For me it looks really interesting and I think it is something that is worth looking in to since it joins well with Java and runs on the JVM. You also need to write less code to do the same thing as with Java.
To learn Scala I have small idea that I should take my old Java-Swing tool for technical analysis of stocks on the Swedish stock market, set it up to use Scala with a JavaFX-client for the GUI. In this way I intend to get into Scala and at the same time JavaFX a little bit. this little tool of mine I have had as a project to learn new programming languages for over 10 years now. From the first version in an Excel spreadsheet it has taken the way over Turbo-pascal, Visual C++, maybe I also had a C#-client for a while until I returned to the Java Swing client.

I also started to read a lot of agile books about modelling and developing and also a bit about Neuro Linguistic Programming but that is a completely different subject but may be good if you want to take a leading role and/or how to handle the users and other team members and just get better at asking questions as one area of self development.

I will go on, so maybe there will soon be a posting about Scala or JavaFX or both. Or something completely different.