Thursday, July 12, 2012

"plz give codez..."

or "How to try to get the work done by posting questions"

Hold your hat because this may have some ironic content.

Well this post is going to be mostly about discussions in groups on LinkedIn. And specifically about questions asked in the groups. It seams to be a tendency for freshers from certain countries to try to get the work done by asking help from others. Seriously, LinkedIn is a professional networks site, but that does not mean that the professionals there are suppose to do your work for you.

It is almost amazing to see that some does not have the capability to think just 2 seconds before posting a question or the capability to search either the group in hand or to use a search engine (like Google!) to try to find an answer.

Well lets narrow down to Java because that is my field at the moment. Lets be honest. Getting to know the basics for Java, it is not hard to find resources online. For crying out loud, I think Oracle's (Sun's) documentation  and tutorial online is far better then what can be found for C# (Not that I looked recently). Despite of this, groups on LinkedIn is filled with basic questions, why?

Some examples:
Give me codez (or I do not know anything, but please do the job for me):
"Hi All, I want to learn Collection framework. Will you please tell me the sources where I can get the "Easy to Understand" and "With Examples" and "Real Time Scenarios" ? Need Your Help !!! "
Well, the short answer is, "Google it!!!". To search for this will give more answers than someone is willing to spend time explaining in a group discussion. To answer this I would probably Google for the sources as I do not bookmark these kind of things. I will not give you examples. And certainly to give real time scenarios will make me write a lot, which I am not willing to do for the effort put in in asking the question.
How can we create array of vector or array of arrayList,please reply
Actually a student. But come on, aren't LinkedIn a network site for professionals. Should a question really be a question where the obvious answer is, "See the API documentation" or "We are not doing your homework here!".

Another one:
i am a java fresher...can u suggest how the interfaces given to developers to program...? if possible give some real time examples.....@thanks in advance
How should I give you an example of how this is done? Should I make a movie out of how to check in into SVN created interfaces and show how a newbie check it out and start working?

Here is a different one, but requesting the docs instead of code:
can anyone explain me ,what id maven?also provide me docs.thanks in advance
Or some links and docs:

Please send me best javafx links and pdf. Thanks in advance.
Some Basic Java and API questions:
What is the difference between String Buffer and String Builder?

Abstract classes and interfaces

What is synchronize keyword? Why we use synchronize keyword in java?

what is system , out and println in system.out.println()?and how it works?

What is the difference between HashTable and HashMap?
Ok, here it is:
Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 6 API Specification,
Trail: Learning the Java Language

Language difficulties (or do you think you are in a chat for kids?):

Proper English seam to be some kind of standard. Look at this reply in a thread about an exception in Struts-1
hello "---" wt prob in struts2 ur nw in struts2 ok no problem wt u use eclipse or net bean i hav nt much knowledge in struts1 bu i m working in struts2

plz frnds, tell me.....
Again, in a networking site for professionals, should you really write in a way that teenagers do in a chat?

About interviews:
Hello, In an interview i faced the question "What is your project architecture?"can u plz help me the correct answer
Well, maybe if you do not know what you have done the last couple of years, maybe you should not have that job. One thing that I can tell you is that I have no clue how you worked during those two years.

And people posting jobs under discussion? I do not even want to go there...