Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My experience with Binero 2.0 (so far...)

Well, for those who do not know, Binero is a Swedish Webhotel, which I use for a small site, and also administer another.

They brag about being "Best in Test" and having an awesome support all days a week through phone and email.

Well according to me, if they are best in test, how bad are the other ones? If the support are awesome, why is it impossible to reach them by phone, (if you do not want to be in a phone queue listening to some stupid 80's computer game melody forever)? And why does it take a full day to get an answer on a mail you send?


They also lifts out their "OneClick" solution as you avoid sitting with long installations. However, it does not really work. And then you have to wait to get an answer from the support that does not really help.

In my example, I wanted to migrate my small site to 2.0 to be able to test Umbraco for the other site. Well to not think of the headache to migrate, which I will describe later, when finally migrated I tried to install it. Well did it work?

Not really. Trying to install Umbraco on the Windows platform, you have to choose domain and then application to install. Guess what! The only thing I can do, is to read the message that the chosen platform does not support this. Well, creating a subdomain for Linux instead, Umbraco is not an option anymore.

What does the support say, that I have to create the subdomain on Linux!

Ok, I did not actually write that it was Umbraco I was trying to install and since that should be on Windows. But after replying to the mail 21 hours ago, I still have not got any answer to why this does not work.


Ok, back to the migration, which is a story it self.

I started it early myself, since this is an option. then it says, migration will start 24th at 10:49, then nothing happens, this is what I see when I log in. Then I sent a mail about this, and what I wrote and when I can not tell, because of later problems. Anyway, the support took their time to answer, like 6-8 hours. (Because calling is not an option "There is many calling right now....").

Reply was something like "We are sorry about this, but we can not give any estimations of how long it will take, but no longer then the end of next week"...

What!, can it take more than one week to move a -NET site with not that many pages? After a long time, at friday, I get a message that a technician will reply to me with a better answer. He did, monday, with the short note that it was stuck in a state that did not tell them it did not work.

Then the actual migration. For the site there was no problems actually. There was just ONE inconvenience. My mail address disappeared. I wrote the support about it (from another address), No reply at all, then I wrote after 6 hours, that this is bad, and maybe I should blog about it....Well when I got home, there was an account again. But all my old mails were missing, and still are. And Binero is all quiet, no reply at all on the task.

The ironi in this is that they are trying to take the customers from another webhotel, that had mail problems a while ago.

On top of it, in the migration an invoice that was already paid was copied as not paid to the new account.